Fall 2018 Registration


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Half Moon Bay Fall Ball:

HMBLL Fall Ball is open to all girls and boys ages 4 - 12 (2019 season baseball age). There are four divisions:

  • Majors (11-12 years old)
  • Minors (8-10 years old)
  • AAA (6-8 years old)
  • Coach Pitch Tee-Ball (4-6 years old)

Questions? Contact Phil Hophan with any questions regarding Fall Ball - fallball_agent@hmbbaseball.org or 650-388-0278.

Registration Guidelines

Be sure that the medical information on your registration record is up-to-date (doctor name, contact phone, medical policy carrier and medical policy number) for the player(s) registered.


2019 Little League Age


4 - 12


A $10/player sibling discount is applied to registration fees for additional players on same registration.

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